Slot Expansion Tool

The Slot Expansion Tool has the same properties as the Tyrfing sword and will expand through casing (iron) as easily as through clothes


  • Multiple activations per run
  • Easy to operate
  • Accurate slot width increase
  • Maintain integrity of liner
  • Maintain sand control


  • Increased production from existing wells
  • No need for drilling new wells in developed area
  • Selective zones treatment
  • No need for chemicals or special permits
  • Proven technology


  • Wells with declining/unsatisfactory production
  • Extension of well lifetime
  • Shut-in wells

7″ Tool data

  • 2ft expanded per activation
  • 5,98″ max OD
  • 11ft total length
  • 440lbs / 200kg total weight
  • Different cone sizes available

7″ Tool performance

  • 30-100% permanent slot width increase
  • Unlimited number of activations per run
  • 5 minutes per activation
  • Proven production performance
  • Cut your emissions

    Avoid the need for a large rig to drill a new well

    Avoid having to pump acid into the ground to regain production

    Avoid having to repeat well interventions to maintain production

  • Cut costs

    Avoid having to drill new wells

    Perform a permanent fix rather than having to repeat interventions

  • Bring old wells to life

    Think you have a well with potential, but can’t get started

    Try our Slot Expansion Tool


Tool is deployed on pipe and hydraulically operated.

Currently we have a 7″ version available, but we have verified 4 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ capabilities also.

Yes, tool is field proven on several wells. A Case study on the tool can be found here (link).

On our field trials we have seen a permanent increase in production of up to 150%

Sand control

We expand the slotted liner to a point where the slot width increase with a pre-determined percentage. This pre-determined percentage is based on gravel information and original slot width.

By doing it this way we ensure not getting any sand production after the slot expansion, and at the same time we have increased the inflow area and cleaned the slots.

Liner strength

FEA analysis have been used to predict required forces, permanent expansion, and the liner strength after expansion. Simulations have proven that the expansion process strengthens the casing.

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