Multi Drilling Tool

The Multi Drilling Tool has the same properties as the Tyrfing sword and will cut through casing (iron) and cement (stone) as easily as through clothes.


  • Large drill bits
  • Multiple holes per drilling
  • Multiple drillings per run
  • No need to rotate or orient tool
  • Maintain integrity of parent casing
  • Independent of cement behind casing


  • No need for cutting and pulling tubulars
  • No need for handling, shipping and disposal of tubulars
  • No swarf handling or damage to BOP
  • No use of explosives
  • Reduced risk profile


  • Surface / Environmental plug
  • Shallow gas
  • Temporary P&A
  • Casing/cement repair
  • Annulus communication

13 3/8″ Tool data

  • 2.5″ OD drill bits
  • 15 holes per activation
    • Three levels, five drill bits per level
    • 73 deg spacing between each drill bit
  • 11.61″ max OD
  • 9ft total length
  • 650kg total weight

13 3/8″ Tool performance

  • 18% casing removal
  • Up to 8 activations per run
  • 73 in2 flow area per activation
  • 5 minutes to drill through casing
  • Cut CO2 emissions

    Avoid the need for a large and heavy rig for pulling tubulars or section milling

    Avoid having to ship retrieved tubulars or swarf to land

    Avoid having to treat contaminated tubulars or swarf on land

  • Cut costs

    Perforate the casing in the same time as it takes to cut the casing

    Establish a new barrier around the casing to avoid having to pull casing before setting the cement plug

  • Maintain well access

    Leave the casing in the ground and have a path back in if having to remediate a plug later

    Well can be re-opened for CO2 injection in the future


Tool is hydraulically operated (flow).

Currently we have a 13 3/8″ version available, but we have verified 9 5/8″ and 20″ capacities also.

No, the drill bits will stop just after breaking through the first casing.

The drill bits are independent of material behind the casing.

A significant amount of design and testing have been put into the drill bit to ensure that the drill bit cuttings break up into small chips (10mm) that fall down and remain in the well. If required, the chips can be retrieved by a magnet below.

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