Workshop & testing

What we offer

Tyrfing Innovation have more than 700m2 workshop area with various capabilities (Heated rooms, clean zones, storage area etc.). We offer both assembly and testing services, or just a workshop for you to use when needed. This way you don’t have to carry an expensive workshop on your own.

It’s up to you how you want to cooperate with us, whether it’s a one-off or a long term agreement. We can guarantee full discression and water-proof contracts.

If we don’t have exactly what you need, we may help you through our partners.


Our tools, equipment and fixtures can also be rented out if you have your own workshop and you prefer to do it yourself.



All standard tools available

Special tools

A number of special tools available

Fork lift

Battery powered 2.5T fork lift



We recycle everything

Water supply

We have a extra large water supply

Closed drain

We have a closed drain system to avoid spills

Workshop capabilities

  • Heated workshop

    160m2, fine work and assembly

  • Cold workshop

    500m2, testing, storage and large assembly

  • Electrical lab

    40m2, heated, clean room

  • Yard

    1000m2, closed drain

  • Offices

    Offices available, incl. meeting rooms & WIFI, kitchen, wardrobe, etc

Pumping capabilities

  • Triplex pump

    76 lpm, 200 bar, electric with frequency converter

  • Danfoss vertical centrifugal pump

    350 lpm, 23 bar, electric w. frequency converter

  • Pressure test pump

    1.5 lpm, 690 bar, air driven w. digital pressure reading/logging

  • Pressure test pump

    1 lpm, 400 bar, manual

Special test fixtures

Casing Drilling Jig

Custom made jig for casing segment drilling. Drill jig is driven by electrical motor and with digital logging of all key parameters, including effect, torque and rpm

Brake rig

Custom made brake rig for testing of motors/gears. With adjustable brake resistance, cooling, and digital logging of effect, torque and rpm

Test well

110 cm diameter, 10m deep, ideal for destructive testing or pre-qualification testing of equipment