Advisory & Consulting

What we offer

We carry a significant amount of experience in product development, commercialisation and piloting of new technologies. Whether you don’t have the time or competency to perform a task, we can assist you in keeping up the momentum.

Examples of what we can do

Idea verification

Professional sparring partner

Market evaluation

Get market information and feedback

Feasibility study

A first deep look at the idea

Product design

From sketches to machine drawings


Source parts and materials

Assembly and testing

Concept testing, protype testing, qualification testing


Assistance with pilot testing


Get the technology out to the market


Intellectual property (IP)

We have helped several companies with both simple tasks and more complex problems.

References provided upon request.

We know the value of your intellectual property and guarantee full discression (NDA or similar)

We can assist in securing your idea through IP search, IP application, freedom-to-operate etc.