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Tyrfing Innovation joins alliance

Tyrfing Innovation joins Norwegian P&A and slot recovery alliance.   The alliance, formed by Odfjell Energy and Odfjell Well Services, aim to provide all services needed to successfully execute projects within P&A or slot recovery operations.

Tyrfing Innovation secures 10+ MNOK

Tyrfing Innovation secures 10+ MNOK investment for commercialisation of P&A technology. Since 2017 the company has been developing a unique technology that will reduce cost and CO2 emissions during P&A operations. In addition, the technology enables rigless operations.

P&A Technology Survey

P&A Technology Survey. The P&A Technology Survey was launched yesterday with overwhelming response in the first 24 hours.

Increased bismuth sealing capacity

Unique MDT feature reveals major improvement on bismuth plugs ability to seal in downhole conditions. Optimizing the MDT drill bit design has been a key factor to the successful results achieved from the very start of the project, and this important work is still ongoing.

New Product Release

New Product Release: Slot Expansion Tool. We are very pleased to announce our latest product release, the Slot Expansion Tool (SET). After a year of R&D and pilot testing, the tool has now been qualified.

New Product Release

New Product Release: Multi Drilling Tool. Tyrfing Innovation is very pleased to announce our latest product release, the Tyrfing Multi Drilling Tool. After almost three years of R&D, the tool is now moving towards commercialization.

New patent

New patent granted – Crushing cement between tubulars. Our Multi Drilling Technology is qualified both for tubulars cemented in place, and for uncemented tubulars. For the cemented tubulars, it has been relevant to evaluate possible ways to crush and remove the cement after the holes have been drilled.